Felted Fungi Field Guides

created by elementary school students
in collaboration with Willoughby Arevalo & Isabelle Kirouac

The Felted Fungi Field Guides are a series of felted books inspired by local fungi species directly encountered on the land, and using simple wet felting and needle felting methods. Each book is collectively felted by elementary school students in collaboration with artists Isabelle Kirouac and Willoughby Arevalo.

Projects include Livres de champignons feutrés de Renfrew Ravine (2022), depicting the edible, medicinal, toxic and non-toxic mushrooms of Renfrew Ravine Park created by students of École Norval-Morrisseau, and Felted Fungi of our Forest (2023), created by the students of Squamish Nature Learners and inspired by the fungi growing in and around their forest school yard.

These projects have been supported by ArtStarts Artists in the Classroom.

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