Sun Feb 28, 4-5:30pm
Release Event
 – Mushroom home cooking – online via WebEx
Online mushroom cooking class, followed by a short presentation about our upcoming activities and a slideshow presentation of our past activities while participants eat what they cooked. A short list of ingredients to purchase will be provided to the participants one week prior to the event.
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Sun March 13, 10:30am-12pm 
Fungi Music – online via WebEx
We will listen to a series of musical compositions inspired by fungi, learn about how bioelectrical signals in fungi can be translated into sounds, and engage in a series of playful songwriting exercises to create short songs inspired by fungi. Bring a pencil, some crayons and a few sheets of paper. No experience required. 
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Sat March 27, 1-3pm 
Land Reading and Deep Mapping – Outdoors, Kitsilano CC (we will meet outside in front of the main entrance)
Inspired by the work of radical ecologist Nance Klehm, we will exercise our observational skills, engaging all senses to dig deep into reading and documenting the life, soil and history of the land.
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Sat April 3, 2:30-4:30pm 
Sound walk & fungi sounds – Pacific Spirit Park (the specific meeting point will be shared upon registration)
We will offer a listening exercise that will allow participants to tune in to the acoustic environment of Pacific Spirit Park. We will listen to the sounds produced by biosonification of fungi, using the PlantWave interface to translate bioelectrical currents into audio. We will respond to these sounds through simple writing, drawing and moving exercises. Bring a pencil and a notebook.
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Sat April 10, 10am-12pm 
Mushroom and Art Walk – Pacific Spirit Park (the specific meeting point will be shared upon registration)
Community members will be invited to join us on a walk. We will learn about the spring mushrooms of Pacific Spirit Park and their ecological roles and engage in experiential activities (moving, sensing, drawing, writing) inspired by the fungal life. We will teach participants how to use the iNaturalist app as a tool for documenting the fungal life of the neighborhood, and encourage them to gather observations of fungi throughout the year. Bring a pencil and a notebook.
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List of past activities
– Self-guided mushroom audio walk of the neighbourhood
– Embodied meditation inspired by fungi
– Felted Mushrooms / Neighbourhood Fungal Map
– Mushroom ID Clinic
– Plant Walk facilitated by T’uy’t’tanat-Cease Wyss
– Living Mushroom Sculpture
– Forest Movement Practice
– Spore Print Stencilling
– Mushroom and Art Walks
– Mushroom Paper Mache Puppets
Mushroom Cooking Videos
Mushroom Community Cookbook
Mushroom Gardening – Log Inoculation Video
Mushroom Gardening – Log Rafts Video
Mushroom Gardening – Compost Bed Video
– Craft your own mushroom grow jar
– Mushroom Reading Circle
– Felted Mushroom Pins
– Stories, movements and songs inspired by fungi – for preschoolers