The Art & Fungi Project created a very comfortable environment and helped me gain a new appreciation of the abundance in our environment. I will look more carefully now on my nature walks. I appreciated how it helped me create a personal connection with all my senses. – workshop participant

These days I stop at trees and fallen leaves. I look and feel for a little longer and gentler. The forest movement practive was delightful had an impact on me. Thank you. – workshop participant

We are offering a wide variety of art & ecology workshops and walks that can be tailored to different contexts and age groups. Here are some example below.

Mushroom & Plant Walks
Learn about local fungi and plants and how they interact with other members of their ecosystems, including humans.

Forest Movement Practice
Embodied meditations inspired by fungi
Participants will engage in movement-based and embodied meditative activities inspired by the natural world. How do fungi move? Are mycelial networks similar to our own fascial web? How can we open our senses to connect with the natural world around us? In this workshop, we will explore these questions through the body. This workshop is for anyone curious about the body and ecology.

Olfactory Play Workshop
Experiment with mushroom inspired scents! We will explore the world of volatile molecules and open our noses by going on a scent walk. From there, we will classify mushrooms on an aromatic wheel, and engage in drawing games inspired by their aroma. Get ready to experience olfactory delight, disgust and surprise!

Mushroom Felting
Learn basic needle felting techniques while creating art based on local mushrooms!

Sound walk & fungi sounds 
In this workshop, we offer listening exercise that allow participants to tune in to their acoustic environment. We listen to the soundscape of the forest and the sounds produced by biosonification of fungi, to translate bioelectrical currents into audio. We respond to these sounds through writing and drawing. 

DIY Mushroom Cultivation
Learn to grow mushrooms for food, medicine and soil with mycologist Willoughby Arevalo, author of DIY Mushroom Cultivation.

Mushroom Cooking for the Wild at Heart 
Through this educational cooking class, participants will join the making and tasting of multiple small dishes, highlighting the distinct qualities of local wild mushrooms. 

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