Mycelial Body Maps

Mycelial Body Maps is a series of one-on-one performances inspired by the sensorial qualities of selected fungi and their felt connections to the human body. Participants first select a hand painted card, which will determine the experience they will be guided through. They are then invited to wear a blindfold dyied with the Dyer’s Polypore (Phaeolus schweinitzii), and lay down on a slightly moist, cool, and aromatic living mycelial mat, while a performer uses touch, movement, sound and objects to heighten their sensorial experience.

Created at Guapamacataro Art & Ecology Centre, 2018
Isabelle Kirouac: Concept, performance
Willoughby Arevalo: Hand painted cards with fungal pigments, living mycelial mat (local corn husks and cotton, inoculated with oyter mushroom mycelium)

Presented as part of the Guapamacataro Art & Ecology Centre Group Exhibition, Michoacan, Mexico

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